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China Money

2013-06-09 GMT+8:00

a weekly English-language service, provides first-hand information about the latest developments of China's financial market.... Full Story

Xinhua Electronics News

2013-06-09 GMT+8:00

a weekly English-language service, provides authoritative information keeping track on latest developments in China's IT& telecom industry.... Full Story

China Facts and Figures

2013-06-09 GMT+8:00

a half-monthly English language service,provides economic figures and analyses showing the latest developments andbackgrounds of China's economy.... Full Story

Xinhua Business Weekly

2013-06-09 GMT+8:00

a weekly English language service, provides first-hand information about China's latest economicevents and market developments with focus on industrial guidelines, analysis,etc.... Full Story

China Petroleum Data Monthly

2013-06-09 GMT+8:00

published by China OGP on the 15th day of every month, is your exclusive and most authoritative source to address these questions... Full Story

China Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals

2013-06-09 GMT+8:00

Published fortnightly in English and read by oil firms, investment banks, governmentalagencies and consultants involved in the oil/gas sector here in China... Full Story

China Economic Information

2013-06-09 GMT+8:00

real-time English language service, provides up-to-the-minute information about China's economic and market developments that serves as an essential tool to succeed in doing business in China. ... Full Story

China Laws and Regulations

2013-06-09 GMT+8:00

English language versions of all business laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China that have come into effect since the beginning of 2011.... Full Story