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China's IT industry releases eight development predictions

2015-03-24 GMT+8:00

BEIJING, Mar.23 (Xinhua) - The organization committee of the 2015 China (Shenzhen) IT Summit released eight predications for the development of the IT industry in the coming days,, the official website of China Securities Journal, reported on Monday.

The eight predications are: first, Internet+ will boost robust development of industry-based Internet; secondly, corporate mobile Internet will see rocket growth; thirdly, Internet financial start-ups will increase; fourthly, the killer app of wearable devices might be data integrated from a variety of sensors; fifthly, network security demands will trigger numerous business opportunities; sixth; aircrafts will shape up a three-dimensional network in the air, which will generate apps that are unimaginable so far; seventhly, methods of voice, image input and recognition in the mobile terminals, and flexible 3D display might be new trends of development; finally, the combination of artificial intelligence and genetic engineering will create a new transboundary opportunity. (Edited by Luo Jingjing,