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China Jan insurance premiums up 18.95 pct on yr to RMB400.56 bln, CIRC

2015-03-03 GMT+8:00

BEIJING, Mar. 2 (Xinhua) -- China's insurance premiums amounted to 400.56 billion yuan in January, up 18.95 percent year on year, according to statistics released last Saturday by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC), the country's top insurance regulator.

Of the total premiums, 84.236 billion yuan came from property insurance, up 13.81 percent year on year; 285.386 billion yuan from life insurance, up 19.62 percent year on year; 24.998 billion yuan from health insurance, up 30.46 percent; and the remaining 5.936 billion yuan from accident insurance, up 19.35 percent.

Insurance indemnity and payment expenditure grew 12.8 percent year on year in January to 79.435 billion yuan.

Outstanding utilized insurance capital stood at 9,431.526 billion yuan by the end of January, up 1.07 percent from the beginning of this year.

By the end of January, total assets of China's insurance industry reached 10,381.227 billion yuan, up 2.19 percent from the start of this year. Net assets of the industry came to 1,365.297 billion yuan, up 3 percent from the year-start.  (Edited by Hou Yujie,