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Huawei's smartphone shipment to hit 100 mln units in 2015

2015-01-28 GMT+8:00

BEIJING, Jan. 27 (Xinhua) -- Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG), the consumer goods branch of China's leading telecom equipment and solution provider Huawei, set a target of smartphone shipment for the year 2015 at 100 million units.

The company's smartphone shipment was more than 75 million units in 2014, up 45 percent year on year.

According to Huawei Consumer BG on Tuesday, it reaped 12.2 billion US dollars of revenue in 2014, up 30 percent year on year. Its shipment of terminal products went up 7.8 percent year on year to 138 million units.

The company said it generated 52 percent of total sales revenue from overseas markets in 2014. Meanwhile, Huawei Consumer BG has built 630 brand showcase stores, 30,000 shops and marketing teams composed of 7,900 staff.

Huawei's smartphone brand Honor, which has entered markets in about 60 counties and areas, brought the company 2.4 billion dollars of revenue in 2014, skyrocketing over 20 folds. The person-in-charge of the brand said the sales revenue of Honor smartphones would exceed five billion dollars this year.     (Edited by Li Xiaoyu,