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China Mobile (CHL.NYSE) adds 39.43 mln customers in 2014

2015-01-20 GMT+8:00

BEIJING, Jan. 20 (Xinhua) -- China Mobile (CHL.NYSE; 00941.HK), the world's largest telecom operator by customer number, announced on Tuesday its total customers increased 39.43 million in 2014, down 30.72 percent year on year.

Its total customers reached 806.63 million by the end of last year, up 5.14 percent from a year earlier. Among the number, 245.75 million were 3G customers, and 90.06 million were 4G customers.

The company's 3G customers increased 54.13 million in the year.

In December, it added 2.78 million new customers, and the 3G customers increased 3.57 million.   (Edited by Li Xiaoyu,