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Chinese railways eye on short-trip special train service

2014-12-03 GMT+8:00

TAIYUAN, Dec. 2 (Xinhua) - Taiyuan has just launched its first special tourist service train which carries passengers to four popular tourist attractions in Datong city, Linfen city and Pingyao county within Shanxi province in two days.

Passengers buy the train ticket at a package price which not only include the train service but also cover food and accommodations, as well as tickets at the tourist sites.

Taiyuan Railway's special short-trip train service is just at trial stage thus would offer relatively low price in a bid to attract more people to experience, said Wang Dong, general manger with Taiyuan Railway Xinchuang Industrial Investment which launched the tourist train service.

Passengers would also get better services on board compared with normal trains, said Wang.

Guangzhou and Kunming Railway Administrations have launched a few short-trip service trains earlier that travel from Changsha to Shaoshan and Kunming to Lijiang. (Edited by Niu Huizhe,