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China's "super corn" yield hits new record of 1,335.8kg/mu

2014-11-26 GMT+8:00

JINAN, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) --  The yield of  "super corn", coded "Denghai 618", cultivated by Li Denghai, a famous corn breeder in east China's Shandong province, has hit a record high of 1,335.8 kg/mu (15 mu equal one hectare) in the 10 mu experimental field and 1,151.6 kg/mu in the 100 mu experimental field this year, according to Wang Jinbao, head of Shandong Provincial Agricultural Department at a local conference.

In addition, the planting area of the new wheat product, "Jimai 22", cultivated by Zhao Zhendong, an academician, has reached more than 27 million mu in Shandong province, while its planting area nationwide has amounted to 200 million mu. It has become the most popular wheat product in the country for the sixth consecutive year. Yield of the wheat product had hit a record high of 802 kg/mu, said Wang.

Meanwhile, yield of the GMO insect-resistant cotton, "Lumianyan 28", cultivated by Shandong province, had hit a record high of 456.7 kg/mu. (Edited by Hu Pingchao,