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11 Chinese banks pre-disclose IPO prospectus Monday

2014-07-01 GMT+8:00

BEIJING, July 1 (Xinhua) – Altogether 11 Chinese banks pre-disclosed their prospectus for making initial public offering (IPO) onShanghaiand Shenzhen bourses on Monday evening, the deadline for pre-disclosing listing files set by the regulator.

The 11 banks include nine ones applying for listing on theShanghaibourse, namely Bank of Chengdu, Changshu Rural Commercial Bank, Bank of Shanghai, Bank of Jiangsu,WuxiRural Commercial Bank, Bank of Hangzhou, Shengjing Bank and Bank of Guiyang, Wujiang Rural Commercial Bank.

The rest two banks plan to list on the Shenzhen bourse's ChiNext Board, orChina's Nasdaq-like stock market. (Edited by Li Xueqing,