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China Money

2013-06-09 GMT+8:00

China Money (CM), a weekly English-language service, provides first-hand information about the latest developments of China's financial market. It is designed specially for the executives in the world's financial community. China Money comes out on Friday of every week.

Formof Service:weekly online and E-mail service


  • Major events in China's financial market
  • Latest policies, laws and regulations
  • Activities and trends of China's money markets, stock markets, bond markets, futures markets and foreign exchange markets
  • Business activities of Chinesebanks, insurance companies, securities firms and other non-banking financialinstitutions
  • Operations of overseas financial institutions in China
  • Activities of Chinese and overseas law, accounting and other intermediary bodies
  • Major statistics and factsrelated to China's financial industry
  • Key economic figures



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