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China Laws and Regulations

2013-06-09 GMT+8:00

China Laws and Regulations(China Law), English language versions of all business laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China that have come into effect since the beginning of 2011. For a modest outlay you can make certain your company’s activities meet all the requirements to legally operate your business on these shores, without unnecessarily disturbing the smooth running of your business.

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  • The laws and regulations are categorized into national laws, local laws, regulations of the ministries under China’s State Council, or cabinet, regulations of provincial and other local governments, and judicial interpretations. As a senior business manager you can simply check Xinhua’s inventory of laws and regulations and purchase those that relate to your own business activities; you may purchase as many or as few as suits your company, allowing businesses to keep costs to a minimum.
  • As length is no guide to the importance of a law or regulation, there is a flat fee for each item, though the more items that are purchased, the lower the unit charge.
  • More than 150 laws and regulations enacted by China’s government at all levels are currently available, and new translations are constantly being added as new laws andregulations are passed. Additionally, Xinhua offers a Chinese-English translation service for any of China’s laws and regulations not currently part of the standard service.



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